Kaspersky Lab launches a new product for home users - Kaspersky PURE

02 Nov
Product News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces the launch of Kaspersky PURE, an integrated solution designed to protect home networks.

Kaspersky PURE is Kaspersky Lab's flagship solution in the home user product range. It offers a new approach to the provision of computer security by combining a host of protection technologies in a single package. Users are reliably shielded from external attacks, operator errors and data loss as a result of computer failure and can enjoy all the benefits that modern PCs and the Internet have to offer, safe in the knowledge that they are fully protected. The program is designed to appeal to the advanced user, who will appreciate the solution's configuration options and extended functionality, as well as to those who simply need an easy-to-use product, for example families with several computers.

Kaspersky PURE includes such cutting-edge technologies as Application Control, which provides online protection by allotting programs a security rating based on information from Kaspersky Lab's reputation databases; Safe Run mode, which allows suspicious programs to be launched without damaging the system; and behavioral analysis modules to detect suspicious or dangerous program behavior. The product also includes important security features such as rootkit detection, the use of a virtual keyboard and an option for creating a rescue disk.

With Kaspersky PURE's My Control Center, a user can view the security status of any computers on the home network. It is the first solution in our product range to allow a user to launch different tasks such as vulnerability scanning or to configure parental control rules remotely. It can also reduce the volume of Internet traffic by downloading updates to a chosen computer, which then distributes the data to the other PCs on the network. The intuitive interface allows a user to control all aspects of their home network security and to fix any problems as they arise.

Kaspersky PURE provides additional options to enhance a user's digital security even more, including: the possibility to encrypt data to prevent theft or unauthorized access, a centralized password storage system and a 'file shredder' utility that makes it impossible to restore deleted data.

Kaspersky PURE's Security+ toolkit will help the user to fine-tune operating system and browser security settings. The product analyzes those settings that are either hidden or generally overlooked and prompts the user to take action if any of them pose a threat to computer security.

Kaspersky PURE also includes a dedicated module to help the user create backup copies of data and restore it if needed. The module offers flexible configuration: scheduled backups of all data, or backups of certain files or folders that are of particular importance. Selective backups allow only those files that were modified since they were last saved to be backed up, preserving backup disk storage space. Previous versions of files can be saved at specific restore points, thus allowing them to be recovered in the event of accidental data deletion.

Kaspersky PURE's encryption feature protects against confidential data leaks. A user can create special, protected containers to store their sensitive data in. Each container is encrypted and password-protected for enhanced protection. Encryption and decryption of the data in the container is performed on the fly and does not affect the system's operation. Only encrypted data is saved to the hard disk.

For those with children, Kaspersky PURE's Parental Control module provides a flexible policy for controlling Internet, Computer and IM usage and content. It helps parents to regulate access to specific programs and the Internet and allows or blocks websites and file downloads according to predefined categories. Parents can now supervise their children's contacts and activities on all the most popular social networks, such as: Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, etc.

Kaspersky PURE includes a Password Manager program that can save the user an awful lot of time. This feature allows credentials such as passwords and logins to be encrypted and saved to your PC and most importantly, it automatically inserts them for you during the login process. It can also complete lengthy forms using data stored in the system's memory, for example, telephone numbers, postal addresses, email addresses, etc. Along with passwords, the solution can also store other confidential data which can be added to the system with the help of the Safe Notes feature. The module can run on any PC without installation by using a suitably prepared portable USB device. In addition to the regular text-based key, access can be gained to the password database based on the unique characteristics of a Bluetooth/USB device, with an additional PIN code in case the device is used by somebody other than the intended user.

Kaspersky PURE has an intuitive, user-friendly interface from which most of the important options can be enabled with just a few clicks of the mouse.

"Security solutions have always developed in line with the evolution of digital threats. The emergence of the first computer viruses prompted the development of the early antivirus products. The arrival of the first web-borne threats gave impetus to the development of Internet Security-class solutions. Now that it has become common for many users to store their digital assets in electronic format, a need has arisen for new types of comprehensive solutions that offer protection against all types of digital threats and mitigate the risks to our digital assets," said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab. "We are pleased to offer Kaspersky PURE, our new solution, to the entire user community. This product incorporates a unique package of state-of-the-art technologies, offering reliable protection from digital pollution of all types. With Kaspersky PURE you no longer have to be an expert in order to keep your digital life neat and tidy – our new solution will do the job for you."

More detailed information about Kaspersky PURE is available at Kaspersky Lab's corporate site. Licenses for 1, 2 and 5 computers will be available from 2 November, 2010.