Kaspersky Lab presents powerful major enhancements to its business solutions for SMBs and enterprises

01 Oct
Product News

Resellers of Kaspersky Open Space Security™ can look forward to powerful enhancements to the endpoint Internet security products and Management Console. The solutions are designed to help them acquire new customers and to ensure that existing customers' loyalty is maintained.

Ease of management and deployment, as well as providing ongoing protection, is key for companies of all sizes. Version 8.0 of Kaspersky Lab's Management Console provides intuitive and convenient centralised management of Kaspersky Lab's endpoint security.

What's new?

A new management interface provides wizard-like deployment and dashboards that are updated in real time to reduce the time required for IT administrators to deploy and manage endpoint security. Over 40 new or improved functions to provide an enhanced level of security, in an easy to use solution to protect corporate networks of any dimensions – from several PCs to a distributed network with complex management structures.

This new functionality includes support for SNMP, integration with Microsoft NAP, the switching of clients between mobile and normal security policies together with automatic installation packages and group policies (special run-time environment settings) as well as improved tools for secure backup copying and distribution of updates.

Kaspersky Lab's approach to business solutions is to provide easy installation and reduce the time spent managing Internet security using Kaspersky Lab's Management Console. This provides dramatic reductions in the total cost of ownership of Kaspersky Lab's antivirus solutions.

Securing the endpoint

As well as the new version of Kaspersky Lab's Management Console, Release 2 of the Windows endpoint security products will also be available. These now include a number of new technologies including an updated scan engine and heuristic analyser – a proactive defence tool. This engine provides a substantially higher level of malware detection and performance, and reduces the solution's use of system resources. The heuristic analyser simulates the running of unknown riskware, analyses its behaviour, and block malicious activities before the program is run in a normal environment.

The application is designed to protect PCs and servers running Microsoft Windows and is compatible with Windows 7.

Keith Maskell, Vice President of Corporate Business for Kaspersky Lab, stated: "We have a duty to provide the most modern and advanced level of IT protection to our corporate customers globally. This release proves our commitment, with the inclusion of the latest technologies from our own in-house, large-scale R&D activity. The updated line of corporate products will serve as a foundation stone for our future expansion."

Security check for free

Increased security is the highest-ranking reason for SMBs to change their Internet security solution. Kaspersky Lab partners will be given a tool to help acquire new customers. The Kaspersky Cybercrime Scanner, already proven to be a compelling tool for many SMBs, is unintrusive and can be run on PCs without uninstalling any existing Internet security product. The Cybercrime scanner will inspect a PC for malware that the existing product has failed to detect, helping to prove the superiority of Kaspersky Lab's scan engine.

The Cybercrime scanner appeals to those who value better security. "We enable our most valued partners to offer the Cybercrimer Scanner to their potential clients. The channel will be provided with sales tools and marketing collateral as well as the product itself to support their business," explains Bill Trim, Corporate Sales Director Kaspersky Lab UK and Ireland.

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