Kaspersky Lab Offers Security Solution for Ultra-Portable Computers

09 Jun
Product News

Kaspersky Lab is launching Kaspersky Internet Security Special Edition for Ultra-Portables – a special edition offering comprehensive protection against Cybercrime for users of ultra-portable computers, also known as 'netbooks'.

Ultra-portable laptops, designed primarily to provide access to the Internet and simple office applications, are gaining in popularity because they are compact, lightweight, easy to use, energy efficient and relatively cheap. However, ultra-portables tend to be less powerful, which means resource-intensive IT security solutions cannot be launched on them. Kaspersky Lab has addressed this with the launch of Kaspersky Internet Security Special Edition for Ultra-Portables.

“Kaspersky Internet Security Special Edition for Ultra-Portables provides protection from all types of Cybercrime such as spyware, network attacks, spam and unwanted content,” says Malcolm Tuck, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab UK. “The solution scans files, email messages, Internet traffic, and secures wireless connections such as Wi-Fi that are commonly used by owners of ultra-portables to access the Internet.”

Full protection without performance trade-off

Kaspersky Internet Security Special Edition for Ultra-Portables is a fully functional security solution based on the award-winning Kaspersky Internet Security, combining comprehensive protection from all types of Cybercrime threats with support for small screen displays and low resource systems. This provides ultra-portable PCs with full scale protection without any appreciable decrease in performance. Thanks to the Kaspersky Security Network global threat monitoring system and integrated proactive protection modules, the new product detects both known and unknown threats. As soon as they are detected and deleted, the solution automatically restores the computer’s correct system settings.

New solution with many extras

Kaspersky Internet Security Special Edition for Ultra-Portables incorporates a two-way firewall, and as well as detecting vulnerabilities in running programs it includes an application security rating system that gives programs and processes different levels of access to computer resources. The virtual keyboard for the safe entry of logins and passwords prevents the theft of data exchanged via secure SSL connections and disables links to malware and phishing websites. The user-friendly interface is specially designed for the smaller screens of ultra-portable PCs. Automatic database updates and round-the-clock technical support are included in the license.

The new Kaspersky Lab product works on netbooks only. Currently, it can be installed on ultra-portable PCs with Intel Atom, Intel Celeron-M and VIA C7-M processors running Windows XP. The list of devices supported by the Kaspersky Lab solution will be extended as new models appear. A detailed list of compatible devices can be found at www.kaspersky.co.uk/kaspersky_internet_security_for_ultra-portables. And, since ultra-portables usually don’t have a CD-ROM drive, the new Kaspersky Lab solution can be downloaded from the Kaspersky Lab web site on the same page.

Pricing and availability

Kaspersky Internet Security Special Edition for Ultra-Portables is priced at £39.99.

About Kaspersky Lab

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