Kaspersky Lab releases Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition

06 Oct
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces the release of Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition, designed to protect corporate users of smartphones using Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms from all types of IT threats. The confidential data on a device is also protected if it is lost or stolen.

Smartphones and communicators have seen a surge in popularity and present an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals. Threats such as viruses, spam and network attacks which are more commonly associated with PCs have also posed risks to mobile devices for some time. The dangers are intensifying as more and more of today’s employees use their smartphones and communicators to transfer and store confidential data such as the contents of their corporate email accounts.

To address these threats Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition incorporates a reliable antivirus scanner, anti-spam for SMS, as well as a firewall.

The antivirus scanner automatically scans all incoming and modified objects and performs a full scan on demand. Information about protection status is relayed to the system administrator. All infected objects can be deleted or placed in quarantine. The ability to detect and remove new malicious programs is ensured by regular updates of the antivirus databases via various channels, including synchronization with a PC.

The Anti-Spam module for SMS effectively filters out unwanted messages and protects the user from phishing scams and annoying adverts, while the firewall provides protection from hacker attacks and mobile worms.

The risks facing the owners of mobile devices are not limited to malware and spam, however. The loss and theft of smartphones also bring with them the danger of confidential or personal data falling in to the hands of criminals.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition is the only corporate-level solution on the world market that combines effective antivirus and anti-spam protection with anti-theft capabilities. If the device is lost, the unique Anti-Theft module enables the user or administrator of the corporate network to remotely block access or completely delete the device’s memory by simply sending a coded text message to the corresponding number.

If the SIM card of a stolen device is replaced, the SIM-Watch module of Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition sends a hidden message to the rightful owner with the new telephone number of the device. This allows the smarthphone to be blocked or its memory to be deleted even if the SIM card is replaced. Moreover, in the majority of cases, law enforcement agencies can track down a smartphone using the telephone number and return it to its owner.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition is a component of Kaspersky Open Space Security, Kaspersky Lab’s core solution for businesses. Kaspersky Open Space Security is capable of protecting users from IT threats emanating from all nodes on a corporate network, including servers, workstations and laptops on Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as smartphones.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition can be installed and centrally administered regardless of the number of devices or their location. Kaspersky Administration Kit, a powerful tool for creating a unified corporate system of antivirus protection based on Kaspersky Lab products, provides full control over the security policy of a mobile device, whether the user is in the office or away on a business trip. Remote administration can be implemented using any type of internet connection, such as GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE.

More information about Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition can be found at http://www.kaspersky.com/mobile_security_enterprise.

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