Kaspersky Lab boosts corporate product line with Kaspersky® Mail Gateway 5.6

08 Apr
Product News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces the release of Kaspersky Mail Gateway 5.6 – a new version of the versatile solution that protects corporate mail systems from malware and spam.

Besides effective antivirus protection, the solution provides routing for mail traffic, scans messages for spam, and protects corporate mail servers from unauthorized use. It also serves as a fully-functional mail router for Linux and FreeBSD systems.

The new version of Kaspersky Mail Gateway incorporates the award-winning Kaspersky AntiSpam 3.0, a high-performance spam filtration module. The improved mechanism for receiving incoming mail in Kaspersky Mail Gateway 5.6 has significantly reduced the use of system resources, enabling large amounts of messages to be received simultaneously.

The improved mail filtration methods used in Kaspersky Mail Gateway 5.6 provide a more effective weapon for combating the various techniques employed by spammers to bypass antispam protection. The improvements include a new system for analyzing message headers and graphical file attachments, as well as Kaspersky Lab’s very own Urgent Detection System (UDS), a unique service that provides information in real time about new spam mailings.

Moreover, a number of improvements in Kaspersky Mail Gateway 5.6 are designed to make administration of the product more flexible and convenient for IT personnel. In particular, the option of specifying unique settings for different user groups has been added: administrators can enable or disable individual filtering rules and define separate message processing rules based on each user group's needs.

Kaspersky Mail Gateway 5.6 also protects the customer’s network from specific types of hacker attacks (e.g., DoS attacks) by allowing administrators to define the parameters for communication with other network elements, including limiting the number of connections processed at the same time.

A built-in mail transfer agent makes the product easy to install and configure, even for system administrators with little experience of working with Linux or FreeBSD systems. The flexible system of configuration also enables the administrator to change the application’s operating parameters depending upon the amount of mail traffic and the security policies in place – from the highest possible performance to maximum protection for users.

More detailed information about Kaspersky Mail Gateway 5.6 is available at http://www.kaspersky.com/mail_gateway.