Kaspersky Lab Launches Security Solution To Address The UK’s Largest Business Sector

26 Sep
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Kaspersky Small Office Security helps 85% of UK businesses solve a common problem by looking after their security, allowing them to look after their business

Kaspersky Lab, a leading provider of Internet security software solutions that protect against viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, crimeware, rootkits, phishing, hacker attacks and spam, today announced the launch of Kaspersky Small Office Security for 5 PCs and 1 File Server and Kaspersky Small Office Security +5 PC additional users expansion pack.

Figures supplied by IDC show that 85% of all UK businesses have less than 10 employees. According to the CBI, SMEs are responsible for 50 per cent of the UK’s entire GDP (gross domestic product) and employ half the UK’s workforce. The total market for PC protection for this sub 10-employee sector in Britain and Eire is estimated at around Euros 30 million.

A small company’s most crucial asset is its time. This solution is quick and simple to install and easy to use, with minimum impact on system performance. Designed to save time, money and resources, it ensures the integrity of valuable and sensitive data. Furthermore, Kaspersky Small Office Security scales with the business as it grows.

“Small businesses are the least likely to have an IT expert on staff, and will particularly suffer from any IT related downtime,” explained David Emm, Senior Technology Consultant with Kaspersky Lab. “To date this sector has had to chose between consumer products not designed for business use, and enterprise solutions too complex for the small business to manage. This solution is designed to bridge this gap.”

Said Eugene Kaspersky, Co-Founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, “Kaspersky® Small Office Security has been specifically developed to protect the IT infrastructure of the small, but growing business: providing superior detection rates, high performance and ease-of-use to ensure its technology does not distract small businesses from their core activity. We believe this is a sound investment in any company’s future.”

Kaspersky Lab has long been the expert’s choice for superior protection technology. With sensible defaults that let small businesses protect all of their systems effortlessly, it provides the peace of mind to focus on running their business – without worrying about security. Hourly updates and the security industry’s highest detection rates will keep small offices safe online and ensure that emails and online content remain malware free.

Kaspersky Small Office Security includes the security features one would expect from a business class solution, providing integrated security for laptops, desktops and servers including antivirus, proactive defense, heuristic analysis, firewall, intrusion prevention, application control, anti-rootkit, and antispam technologies.

Where to buy
Kaspersky Small Office Security will be available from 26th September 2008 in store with selected retailers.

To find out more
To find out more, visit www.kaspersky.co.uk/small_office_security.

Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 User + 1 File Server £199.99
Kaspersky Small Office Security + 5 Additional Users £119.99

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