Kaspersky® Security SMTP Gateway 5.5 for Linux / Unix released for beta testing

07 Jul
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions that protect against all cyber threats including viruses, spam, Trojans, spyware, spam and hacker attacks, announces the opening of beta testing of a new version of Kaspersky® Security SMTP Gateway 5.5 for Linux / Unix. This application was designed to filter mail traffic, protecting mail system users from viruses, unwanted correspondence and unauthorized access to a user's system. Kaspersky Lab was the first company to release antivirus solutions for the Unix operating system. This new solution offers simplified installation and configuration, improved usability for system administrators, increased productivity and full-scale protection.

Kaspersky Security SMTP Gateway filters SMTP mail traffic combining the most important functions from other Kaspersky Lab products to provide effective protection against all malicious programs and eliminating spam. The application acts as a full-scale mail relay that runs under the Linux and FreeBSD operating systems.

Antivirus protection of electronic correspondence passing through the mail relay is accomplished through multilayered scanning. Email messages including attached objects and message bodies are scanned for viruses and other malware. The application provides additional email filtering by name and MIME type and applies specific processing rules to filtered objects. Furthermore, senders, recipients and system administrations can be notified about messages containing infected, suspicious or corrupted objects. In particular, this new version permits administrators to add a greater range of notifications such as scanning statistics, program versions, the date of antivirus database updates, etc. Administrators may also add disclaimers to email texts which may vary according to individual recipients.

Additionally, this new version offers a number of new administration tools. Administrators can now monitor the order, the removal of messages from the queue, and also scanning and forwarding of specific messages from the general queue. Likewise, the solution places limits on the size of the queue, thereby preventing file server overload. The application can be set up to monitor antivirus protection and spam filtering status, and statistics and application logs can be set up according to predetermined specifications.

Kaspersky Security SMTP Gateway provides dependable protection for clients from hacker attacks through the flexible system parameters that work with various network elements. In particular, the solution monitors the validity of information exchanged during email sessions and so forth.

The most important new feature in Kaspersky Security SMTP Gateway is the effective anti-spam function, which blocks unwanted correspondence through a multilayered email filtration system, using linguistic analysis. This module uses heuristic analysis through graphical spam filtering technology based on SpamTest technologies. Multitier filtration of mail traffic includes the application of intelligent content and graphical analysis, and a large database of spam signatures. The SpamTest linguistic laboratory, which releases updates to the spam databases around the clock, helps to ensure maximum protection against new mass mailings.

Heuristic analysis includes screening of message headers and the body of messages, recognizing new mass mailings not yet in the fixed monitoring system. In combination with other technologies, this provides timely detection of new spam attacks. Furthermore, this product has a particularly low rate of false positives whereby wanted mail is identified as spam.

Kaspersky Security SMTP Gateway 5.5 for Linux / Unix uses DNS black list technology to filter spam, which blocks the receipt of correspondence from the server which has already been registered in the black list as spam.

The functionality of Kaspersky SMTP Gateway enables full implementation of the client's information security policy. All incoming and outgoing messages can be archived, and all suspicious, infected and damaged objects can be placed in either the quarantine or the backup directory pending analysis by the system administrator or Kaspersky Lab virus analysts.

To learn more about Kaspersky Lab's beta testing program, please visit the beta testing section of our website.

About Kaspersky Lab:

Kaspersky Lab is a leading developer of secure content management solutions that protect all tiers of a network including mobile devices against all cyber threats. The company provides advanced protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, spam and attacks. Kaspersky Lab is a recognized industry leader in rapid response to new threats: antivirus database updates are released in as little as thirty minutes. For more information visit www.kaspersky.com.