Kaspersky® Administration Kit Maintenance Pack 3 released for beta testing

22 Nov
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Kaspersky Lab announces an update package for its centralized protection administration system

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions that protect against viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, hacker attacks and spam, announces the opening of beta testing for the latest update package, Maintenance Pack 3 (MP3) for Kaspersky® Administration Kit, the centralized antivirus protection administration system for enterprise networks. The update includes a large number of changes to the program's interface, architecture and procedures, significantly improving the program's ease of use and efficiency.

With the release of the Maintenance Pack 3 update package, Kaspersky Administration Kit has become even more administrator-friendly, with over 50 improvements. First of all, the modified user interface of the administration console has made the application even easier to use. Automation has increased whereby now newly added computers to the network are detected and registered automatically upon scanning the network. After they are detected, new computers can be automatically added to the administration group specified by the administrator.

Maintenance Pack 3 improves the quality of infected file processing by allowing the administrator to keep a centralized list of suspicious objects quarantined on all client computers. It also improves the flexibility and efficiency of the administration system by introducing support for the creation of multiple policies for the same application with activation of a specified policy during a virus attack.

Kaspersky Administration Kit provides centralized administration of enterprise-level antivirus systems based on Kaspersky Lab products. The application ensures control and monitoring of the entire network protected, regardless of its size and geographic distribution, and optimizes the system administrator's work. Kaspersky Administration Kit supports all network configurations using TCP/IP protocols.

Kaspersky Administration Kit enables the administrator to perform a wide range of operations from a single computer. It can be used to remotely install Kaspersky Lab products on an unlimited number of machines, update antivirus databases, either automatically or defined by a schedule, for all installed applications without the need for each computer to download data from the Kaspersky Lab Internet server and provides a complex notification system that can warn about a variety of events including detection of a virus, failure of an update to the antivirus database and the detection of a new computer on the network.

The administrator can group computers into groups based on their functions and the applications installed. Centralized configuration of applications is based on group policies created and applied by the administrator. At the same time, application parameters can be configured separately for individual computers by defining application settings on those computers. The administrator can also customize the operation of applications by creating and launching tasks for a set of computers that belong to different administration groups.

Kaspersky Administration Kit also includes a multi-tier statistical data collection and reporting system. The administration system provides centralized collection of data on the functioning of all installed Kaspersky Lab applications, verification of proper function of applications and generation of reports based on the information collected. The data can be presented with a high level of detail – from aggregate reports on an application's operation on the entire network to reports on the operation of applications on each computer.

The complete list of all modifications to Kaspersky Administration Kit included in the MP3 update package, as well as information on the conditions and procedures of participation in the beta testing program, are available Kaspersky Lab beta testing section.

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