Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway 5.5 for Linux/Unix Version 5.5 Released

16 May
Product News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces the commercial release of Kaspersky ® SMTP-Gateway 5.5 for Linux / Unix. The program package offers antivirus functionality, blocks unsanctioned attempts to access the system, and also provides content filtration. It also serves as a fully-functional mail router for Linux / FreeBSD and OpenBSD systems. The solution incorporates a range of upgrades and additions in comparison with the previous version, making it more user-friendly and expediting program performance.

Emails transmitted via the router are checked in a variety of ways for the presence of malicious code: both the message body and attachments are scanned, and additional filtration can be carried out by attachment name and MIME type. The solution detects infected, suspicious, damaged messages, and messages with password protected attachments. The administrator, sender and recipient of such messages can be sent appropriate notification. Version 5.5 allows the administrator to add additional information to these notifications (e.g., scan status, program version, the date when antivirus databases were last updated, etc.). The administrator can also add standardized texts to notifications, which can be tailored according to user group.

There have been changes in how the solution processes mail traffic for viruses. To improve program performance, Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway 5.5 provides administrators with a range of options: viewing the queue of objects to be scanned, deleting objects from the queue, and scanning individual messages without them being held in the queue. This reduces the queue, ensuring efficient use of system resources.

The solution also protects the corporate network from hacker attacks by checking the authenticity of data transmission, i.e., IP address, sender host name, etc.

Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway has been designed to maximise clients' information security: all incoming and outgoing messages are archived, with all infected, suspicious and damaged objects placed in quarantine or back up storage. They can then be analysed by administrators or sent to Kaspersky Lab for analysis. Version 5.5 has extended functionality: administrators can view object attributes, delete quarantined objects, or send objects which have been placed in quarantine to the original recipient.

As well as filtering mail traffic, Kaspersky SMTP Gateway has an extensive range of additional functions: DNS blacklisting blocks mail from servers which are listed as used to spread spam, ensuring that corporate mail boxes are free from unwanted correspondence.