Kaspersky Lab presents Kaspersky® Security 5.5 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

15 Dec
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Antivirus and anti-spam protection combined in corporate mail platform solution

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions that protect against viruses, spam, Trojans, worms, spyware and hacker attacks, announces the release of the latest version of its integrated mail protection system, Kaspersky® Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. This updated solution scans all incoming and outgoing messages to provide reliable antivirus protection and now filters all incoming SMTP traffic to deliver advanced anti-spam functionality for today's most popular corporate mail platform, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.

The anti-spam component, which has been integrated into this latest version, adds new capabilities to the anti-spam tools included in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, making the entire system more effective. Each message's contents and attachments are analyzed using intelligent technologies, including unique graphical signatures that enable recognition of spam in the form of images. Even the most sophisticated tactics designed to evade spam filtering systems are rendered ineffective. Depending upon the scan results, a message can be delivered to the recipient's inbox, moved to the unsolicited mail folder or deleted. This solution also prevents unauthorized use of the mail server by detecting and blocking mass mailing attempts from computers within the organization. Mailings are allowed only for those senders authorized by the network administrator.

The antivirus component creates an effective barrier against the intrusion of malicious programs. It analyzes all incoming and outgoing email attributes and attachments and, depending upon the configuration, either cures messages containing malicious objects, deletes them or forwards them to recipients with a text warning. The virus outbreak prevention system offers users a high level of protection by ensuring fast response to emergency situations and allowing the system administrator to step up the mail server's antivirus protection quickly if a mass mailing of infected messages is registered. Kaspersky® Anti-Virus makes it impossible for malicious programs to slip through the net: every time antivirus databases are updated, messages are rescanned for unknown threats at the time of the previous scan. Moreover, since such scans are performed in the background, they do not significantly affect the mail server's performance.

Kaspersky Security 5.5 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 offers a broad range of features for removing and safely storing unwanted objects. Before the antivirus and anti-spam filters delete messages from the system, back up copies are created and saved in a designated storage area, making it possible to restore deleted objects if necessary. Configurable filters make locating original copies of specific objects easier.

Kaspersky Security 5.5 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 features an advanced system of notification and statistics for alerting system administrators of messages containing malicious objects or that have spam attributes. System administrators also have access to the application's event logs and receive regular reports on the application's operation and the status of antivirus and anti-spam protection. To make the IT specialist's work easier the application can be configured to generate reports based on built-in templates with the required levels of detail and reporting frequency. Network administrators will appreciate the broad range of settings that can be used to configure Kaspersky Security 5.5 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. The application can be customized based on the volume and type of traffic, as well as such hardware characteristics as the amount of RAM installed, the system's performance, number of processors, etc.

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