Kaspersky Lab News Agent 1.0 now in open beta testing

12 Jan
Product News

Kaspersky Lab announces open beta-testing of Kaspersky Lab News Agent 1.0. All interested parties are invited to participate.

This program delivers Kaspersky Lab news to end user computers via the company's dedicated news channels. It has been developed for computers running Windows 98/2000 Professional, ME, XP Home Edition, XP Professional) and can be used to receive a wide range of news, including virus, product and business news.

The program has a range of configuration options which ensure that users receive only the news they want. The news agent can be used to:

  • automatically update list of available news channels at specified regular intervals
  • monitor and display information on current virus activity
  • configure subscribe and unsubscribe options
  • monitor unread news items at a frequency specified by the user (once a day, once an hour, once a minute)
  • view news from subscribed channels
  • view a list of channels subscribed to and their current status
  • view pages with detailed news using the web browser

The news agent will be available free of charge. It can be used as a stand alone product or integrated with other Kaspersky Lab solutions.

Further details of the terms and conditions of the beta testing program are available here. The most active participants will receive commercial versions of Kaspersky Lab's popular personal products.