Improved protection for handhelds now in beta-testing

18 Feb
Product News

Kaspersky Security for PDA 5.5 now in final stages of development

Kaspersky Lab, a leading vendor of secure content management solutions, is now conducting open beta-testing of Kaspersky Security for PDA 5.5. The new product incorporates a range of upgrades and improvements, significantly extending the product's functionality.

Kaspersky Security for PDA protects data on handheld computers and smartphones. Kaspersky Anti-Virus technology optimized for pocket devices offers comprehensive protection for handheld computers running PocketPC and Palm OS, and smartphones running Microsoft Smartphone 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone.

The latest version of the solution has a new, user-friendly interface. Virus detection and disinfection functions have been upgraded. The new antivirus monitor complements the existing functions by tracking application activity in real time, ensuring that malicious code cannot be executed. Updates to the antivirus databases can be downloaded automatically, meaning the device is protected against even the very newest viruses.

Kaspersky Security for PDAs can also be used to encrypt data stored on handheld devices. This prevents unsanctioned users from accessing confidential information. PocketPC users can create hidden folders: data stored in these folders is encrypted, and the folders themselves are password protected. PalmOS users can use passwords to lock their devices. Data is encrypted when the device is locked; therefore, even if a malicious user gains access to the memory card, they will be unable to access information stored on it. New cryptographic algorithms from the Intel library further heighten security when the program is run under Pocket PC.