Comprehensive solution for corporate networks now in beta-testing

17 Jan
Product News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces beta-testing of Kaspersky® Guard@Net 5.0. This integrated solution is based on ASTARO Security Linux (developed by ASTARO AG, a security solutions developer) and protects corporate networks of all sizes. It ensures data integrity by preventing cyber-threats from penetrating networks and by monitoring Internet access. Additionally, VPN technology integrates and secures split-site networks.

Kaspersky Guard@Net 5.0 meets the information security needs of any modern business. Each component provides reliable protection against malicious or unsanctioned network activity. A single centralized management system is used for installation and configuration, processing of requests and commands, logging statistics and producing reports on component performance.

The antivirus component of Kaspersky Guard@Net 5.0 creates a solid barrier against viruses attempting to penetrate the network from outside. All data transmission channels between the corporate network and the outside environment are monitored. All traffic entering the network via HTTP and FTP protocol is scanned for viruses, as is email entering the network via SMTP and POP3. All elements of email messages are scanned, including attachments. Proprietary scanning technology enables the solution to detect viruses in more that 900 popular archive formats, making it impossible for a malicious attacker to hide code within an archive.

The integrated anti-spam component keeps corporate mail boxes free of spam. This is achieved by multi-level analysis of mail traffic, with the application of a range of cutting-edge filtration techniques, including intelligent content analysis, analysis of graphics and comparison of the message with an extensive database of lexical signatures.

The firewall component monitors all data exchanged between the corporate network and the Internet. This means that any unsanctioned attempt to access the corporate network will be blocked. In addition to this, the firewall detects and blocks more than 1,500 different types of network attack, attempts to exploit application vulnerabilities and DoS attacks.

In addition to securing corporate networks, Kaspersky Guard@Net 5.0 also enables system administrators to implement internal network security policies. The program package includes a module which regulates user access to the Internet - users may only access Internet resources designated by the administrator.

Last but not least, Kaspersky Guard@Net 5.0 offers corporate clients the ability to create a unified network space using VPN technology. Cryptographic and authentication algorithms are used to ensure data integrity when integrating split-site networks.