Version 5.0 of Kaspersky Security for PDAs now in beta-testing

26 Mar
Product News

A new generation of information security for handhelds is in the final stages of development.

Kaspersky Lab begins open beta-testing of a new generation of information security for handhelds as part of our on-going development of the Kaspersky® Security for PDAs series.

Kaspersky Security for PDAs offers a unique combination of security features for pocket PCs. The solution provides antivirus protection for handhelds running under Windows CE and Palm OS. In addition, the program secures data from unauthorized access.

Antivirus protection for PDAs is supported by the Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine, a proven tool modified for integration with Windows CE and Palm OS. Kaspersky Anti-Virus effectively controls all potential virus entry points, while the Anti-Virus Scanner checks both inbuilt data storage locations and memory extension cards. Comprehensive antivirus protection is ensured by automatic antivirus database updates, providing protection against the latest viruses.

Kaspersky Security for PDAs enables data encryption which protects stored data from unsanctioned access. Users can create hidden folders containing password protected encrypted data on PDAs running under Windows CE. When using Palm OS, data is secured by blocking access to the entire device, whereby the data is also encrypted. As a result, even if someone were to gain control of the handheld, all data is protected by a password and remains secure.

The new generation of Kaspersky Security for PDAs includes a series of innovations that provide additional security and increase usability. For instance, version 5.0 supports the latest operating systems for handhelds: PocketPC 2003 and PalmOS 5.x. PocketPC users will be pleased by the user-friendly work of the antivirus protection module which now supports antivirus database updates directly via the handheld, without any additional hardware required. The interface for accessing data has also been modernized for PocketPC users. Not only is version 5.0 compatible with PocketPC 2003, but system performance and data security have been improved using new encryption algorithms from the Intel library.

Detailed information about participating in the beta-testing is available on our website Active and productive testers receive free copies of the final product.