Two products in Kaspersky Anti-Spam 2.0 series now available for beta-testing

06 Apr
Product News

Kaspersky Lab has released two antispam products for beta-testing. Kaspersky® Anti-Spam Enterprise Edition 2.0 filters unsolicited correspondence in corporate environments and Kaspersky® Anti-Spam ISP Edition 2.0 provides centralized protection for ISP clients.

Kaspersky Anti-Spam creates a powerful barrier against spam based on a multi-tier system of email filtration. The unique linguistic kernel independently analyses message bodies, evaluates them and filters out unwanted messages.

Kaspersky Lab supports the solutions with spam signature updates every 2 hours, proactively responding to all new mass mailing campaigns. The integrated administration module, based on a web-interface, ensures system administrators can remotely and quickly modify settings throughout the network.

The new generation of Kaspersky Anti-Spam offers a wide range of technological innovations. Upgraded integration with popular email systems ensures increased effectiveness. Cutting-edge technologies detect new spammer tricks such as graphical spam, multi-level re-routing to fool blacklist filtering, HTML manipulation and attaching encrypted files to messages.

Visit the beta-testing section of our site to find out how to participate in the beta-testing program.