Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway 5.0 for Linux/Unix now in beta-testing

26 Apr
Product News

Kaspersky Lab announces beta-testing of the first product which both acts as a mail relay and provides anti-virus protection for mail traffic: Kaspersky® SMTP-Gateway 5.0 for Linux/ Unix.

The solution has been specifically developed to treat SMTP traffic passing through the gateway for viruses. It provides effective protection against malicious programs, and has a wide range of functions to ensure the smooth operation of corporate IT infrastructure - the program functions as a mail relay, deflects hacker attacks, and protects against unsolicited correspondence.

The solution is a full-scale mail relay, developed in accordance with IETF RFC standards, which runs under Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Integrated cutting edge technologies ensure that the program provides comprehensive protection for mail traffic.

Security for messages transmitted via mail relay is ensured by multi-tier filtration. Both the message body and attached objects are scanned for viruses, and additional filtration can be carried out by attached file name and MIME type, with specially defined rules being applied to objects filtered out of the mail traffic. The program detects infected, suspicious, damaged and password protected message attachments and message bodies. When such objects are detected, the sender, recipient and administrator can be sent appropriate notification.

The functionality of Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway enables full implementation of the client's information security policy. All incoming and outgoing messages can be archived, and all suspicious, infected and damaged objects can be placed in either the quarantine or the backup directory pending analysis by the system administrator or Kaspersky Lab virus analysts. The automatic antivirus database updates, released every three hours and made available for downloading over the Internet, ensure excellent protection against malicious programs.

In addition to filtering mail traffic for viruses, the program offers a wide range of additional functions. Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway reliably protects networks, deflecting hacker attacks and blocking unwanted correspondence, particularly advertising mass mailings.

Last but not least, Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway is notable for ease of administration. System administrators are provided with a multitude of functions which simplify installation, configuration and management of the program. In particular, the wide range of configuration options ensure server load balancing by reducing the resources used to transmit data. The management function offers administrators a choice of tools for configuration and management; either standard operating system tools for administering by means of command line parameters, signals, and modification of the application's configuration file, or remote management via a web-interface using the popular program Webmin. Administrators will also appreciate the convenient reporting function, which monitors protection status, and offers administrators the opportunity to view current statistics and program logs.

The beta testing section of this site contains more information on how to participate in the beta testing program.