Kaspersky Lab releases a beta version of the Anti-Virus Monitor for Linux and Free BSD file servers

11 Mar
Product News

Kaspersky Lab has released an important component of a new generation of antivirus protection for Linux and Free BSD file servers. The Anti-Virus Monitor conducts preliminary antivirus scanning by monitoring file operations for suspicious activity.

The new Anti-Virus monitor for Linux and FreeBSD file servers offers a wide range of functional capabilities focused on deflecting threats of virus infection. The Monitor doesn?t give viruses a chance: it controls all file operations initiated by any operating system processes and doesn?t allow any objects on the server to be infected.

The leading antivirus technologies incorporated into the new version ensure effective detection of all suspicious objects. Infected file objects are treated and cured in accordance with rules set by the administrator.

Moreover, the Anti-Virus Monitor for Linux and FreeBSD file servers allows for the remote configuration of Kaspersky Lab antivirus solutions installed on the server. This is done with the help of a Web-interface: the popular Webmin utility in conjunction with the Kaspersky Anti-Virus configuration file.

You can learn about the conditions and procedures of beta-testing on our site.