<b>Kaspersky®Anti-Spam Personal is Close to Completion</b>

22 Dec
Product News

Kaspersky Lab Releases Kaspersky®Anti-Spam Personal for Beta-testing Kaspersky Lab, a leading information security solutions developer invites all interested parties to participate in the beta-testing of our new product - Kaspersky®Anti-Spam Personal. Kaspersky Lab continues to provide users with innovative, high-end protection against the latest computer threats. Today, spam has emerged as the most prevalent cyber threat, as users worldwide are flooded with masses of unsolicited correspondence. Kaspersky Anti-Spam Personal filters unsanctioned correspondence in incoming email traffic on personal computers running under MS Windows. Kaspersky Anti-Spam, acknowledged worldwide as a highly effective email filter for corporate networks, will now be available to home users, who will be able to take advantage of this unique system of comprehensive protection against spam. Kaspersky Anti-Spam Personal offers superior technology and a user-friendly interface. The program can function totally automatically, and therefore does not require any special knowledge from the user. Kaspersky Anti-Spam Personal functions as an integrated module with MS Outlook 2000/2002 and MS Outlook Express. When the product is used with Outlook, all functions are accessed, though Outlook Express users access all of the core functionalities as well. Kaspersky Anti-Spam works in tandem with the above email applications filtering incoming emails based on an analysis of the letters' characteristics and also a unique system of linguistic analysis, which allows the solution to inspect the text of the letter, evaluate it and reject unwanted correspondence. Kaspersky Anti-Spam Personal automatically downloads anti-spam database updates which are available on a regular basis. These updates are developed by linguists, thus ensuring reliable protection against the latest spamming techniques. The terms and procedures for taking part in beta testing can be found here More active participants will be awarded free commercial versions of the programs upon their commercial release.