<b>Kaspersky Lab Starts Beta-Testing Kaspersky® Anti-Virus for Windows Desktops</b>

18 Dec
Product News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading information security software developer, announces beta-testing of a new anti-virus security system specially developed for computers working under Windows: Kaspersky® Anti-Virus for Windows Desktops. The program package offers a wide range of functions, providing complete anti-virus protection for personal computers. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Desktops intercepts all possible sources of virus infection - portable and fixed data carriers, electronic mail and Internet protocols. The program can function in two modes. The first mode provides constant active protection, when all data executed, opened or saved is checked. The second mode is activated either automatically or on user request. In this case, the computer as a whole is scanned, and suspicious objects neutralized, with individual elements ranging from portable data carriers to individual files and directories also being scanned. Use of Kaspersky Anti-Virus ensures that system functioning is maintained even during a virus attack. The system of anti-virus scanning and neutralization of infected email elements means that incoming and outgoing mail is cleared of viruses in real time. If necessary, the user can also scan the email bases of a variety of mail systems. Automatic updates of the anti-virus database ensure that the computer is protected even from the most recent types of malicious code. Updates are issued by Kaspersky Lab every three hours. When a suspicious object is detected, the user can move it to a special 'quarantine' folder. Files placed in quarantine can be treated, deleted, the original data can be retrieved in the source directory or sent to Kaspersky Lab for analysis. In addition to the above, it is possible to create a backup copy of any file before processing any infected or suspicious object for easy subsequent retrieval of data. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Desktops offers the user a range of functions to simplify work with the program. The program provides set-up and user recommendations, which are always accessible via the main program window. All statistical data is clearly presented in a detailed log. The log presents the results of the scan, including information on the number of objects scanned, the order in which they were scanned, the way in which each individual object scanned was dealt with. The beta testing version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Desktops includes a built-in utility which automatically detects and describes all failures which occur during program use. This auxiliary program, specially included for ease of beta testing, allows all parameters of the computer on which testing is carried out to be entered into a special register, and includes a special system for the description of program deficiencies. Find out about the conditions of the beta-testing program and how to participate here. The most active participants will be presented with the commercial version of the program on its release.