Kaspersky® Labs Presents Kaspersky® Anti-Virus 5.0 for Novell NetWare

12 Nov
Product News

Kaspersky® Labs, a leading information security software developer, announces the release of the Kaspersky® Anti-Virus 5.0 for Novell NetWare. Kaspersky® Anti-Virus 5.0 for Novell NetWare differs from preceding versions in managing server protection based on the creation of tasks for anti-virus functions. When managing the system, administrators can indicate locations and types of objects to be checked, what action to take in handling suspicious or infected objects, and send out notifications regarding information included in the system report. Assigning tasks in this way significantly simplifies administration of the anti-virus security system and options settings. The new generation solution for Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Novell NetWare launches the anti-virus engine in a protected address space. Such an approach increases application reliability since application programs and the file server are not affected in the event of any malfunctions during file scanning. When working within a multi-processor system, in order to increase productivity, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Novell NetWare allows several anti-virus kernel processes to be launched and run simultaneously. The application performance, the number of simultaneously scanned connections, can be increased by running more than one copy of the anti-virus engine on several processors at the same time. The fifth generation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus also has an enhanced user and network administrator notification system, which announces the existence of infected and suspicious objects. Previously notifications were only sent to Novell NetWare network clients, but now notifications can be sent by e-mail (via SMTP) to all interested users. The statistical reporting system of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Novell NetWare has been upgraded, making it easier to work with. Administrators now enjoy faster and more convenient access to completed task results, and the opportunity to filter, sort and combine data. Data is presented in txt and xml formats for maximum convenience, and can be viewed or edited with universal programs such as web browsers and text editors. Registered users of previous versions of Kaspersky® Anti-Virus for Novell NetWare can convert to the new version free of charge.