Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal and Personal Pro Upgraded To Version 4.5!

04 Jul
Product News

Kaspersky Lab presents a new version of its programs for home users. Kaspersky Lab, an international data security software developer, announces the commercial launch of the new version of its popular anti-virus products designed to fully protect home computers - Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 4.5 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro 4.5. Differentiating the new version from its predecessor is an array technical improvements, significantly increased operating speed, and enhanced functionality. Among the most significant additions to version 4.5 is the use of iChecker technology, an advanced function that dramatically increases efficiency by enabling Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal to check only those files that have undergone changes. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal creates a special database of all checked files. Upon system restart a comparison is performed with the files in this database, if no changes have occurred no further checking is required. The amount of time needed to check for file alterations is significantly less than what is required to perform anti-virus scans. iChecker technology makes it possible to achieve the ideal balance between the reliability of continuous anti-virus protection and its demand on system resources. System startup and the launch of software applications are significantly faster (from 30-40%) in comparison to traditional anti-virus solutions due to iChecker's file checking optimization. iChecker guarantees comprehensive checking of all files during optimized scans. Besides optimized scanning there is a wide spectrum of functions added to cure ZIP archives that ensures the retention of the original contents of ZIP files regardless of the number of embedded archives. The tremendous amount of archive formats supported by Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 4.5 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro 4.5 gives users powerful tools for detecting and removing malicious programs. "Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal and Personal Pro 4.5 are advanced, multi-functional solutions for home computers that combine convenient and unobtrusive automatic operations with reliable control over all potential access points for virus penetration, file operations, data storages and email traffic. The implementation of our development team's innovative iChecker solution dramatically accelerates anti-virus scanning of file systems while greatly lessening system resource requirements while providing continuous, real time virus monitoring", commented Alexey Kalgin, Kaspersky Lab Product Development Manager. You may obtain either Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal or Personal Pro 4.5 from the Kaspersky Lab online store as well as from Kaspersky Lab's partner network of retail stores. Registered users of earlier product versions can download and install Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal or Personal 4.5 here.