Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Lite 4.5 - More Convenient, More Effective, Easier

11 Mar
Product News

Kaspersky Lab releases a new version of its Anti-Virus Lite software. Kaspersky Lab, an international data security software developer, announces the commercial release of Kaspersky Anti-Virus Lite 4.5, designed especially to defend home computers and beginner users. When compared with its predecessor, the just released Kaspersky Anti-Virus 4.5 includes a slew of significant internal architecture as well as external changes that substantially enhance the software's functionality and which make it easier to use. A completely re-worked program interface makes Kaspersky Anti-Virus Lite more ergonomic, with the buttons placed more logically, and with a more attractive new design and color set. Convenient controls and indicators deserve special note. The interface includes only the most necessary buttons and indicators: the level of protection, help features, anti-virus database updates, scan results reports, scan status indicator, and the 'start scan' button. This simple interface combines both the anti-virus scanner and the anti-virus monitor, which allows the simultaneous management of all program elements from a single point of control. For maximum comfort, Kaspersky Anti-Virus Lite offers three pre-established scanning levels: Normal (checks only the main computer components), Medium (optimal level in terms of time to thoroughness ratio) High (full check). Choosing which level to use is made by pressing the corresponding button, once done the program automatically alters all internal settings. Users receive a reliable, convenient and very simple-to-use tool for virus protection that requires no extra knowledge or time. Besides the improved look of Kaspersky Anti-Virus Lite, the new version contains an array of technical enhancements. Firstly, users will notice the increased speed, almost three times faster than the previous version. When running it decreases overall performance only 8% while the majority of other anti-virus products cause, on average, a 25% slowdown. The new version supports more objects in which it can not only detect but also delete viruses. In particular it fixes Microsoft Outlook Express email databases and Zip archives. Therefore it enables viruses to be deleted from the email storage of one of the most popular email programs (Outlook Express) as well as the effective restoring of the original contents of Zip files, regardless of the number of times a file has been archived. Meaning users get enhanced features for the detection and deletion of malicious programs while also benefiting from significantly improved performance. "Kaspersky Anti-Virus Lite 4.5 is a universal means of protection for personal computers in which simplicity and convenience are effectively combined to battle viruses with minimal influence on computer performance. The program is foremost intended for the defense of personal computers and fits the needs of those who need the most required collection of virus counter measures", commented Alexey Kalgin, Kaspersky Lab Product Development Manager. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Lite 4.5 can be downloaded at: ftp://ftp.kaspersky.ru/products/release/4.5/English/HomeUser/KAVLite/. The program may also be obtained from the Kaspersky Lab online store. Registered users of previous versions may download and install Kaspersky Anti-Virus Lite 4.5 free-of-charge. Kaspersky® Virus Lite in summation: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Lite is a highly effective tool providing a defense against viruses that has been developed especially for beginner users. It is a classic anti-virus solution combining continuous anti-virus defense (intercepting viruses in real-time) and on-demand scanning. The software ensures a safe working environment not only with files stored on a PC, but also with email and the Internet. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Lite provides daily anti-virus database updates via the Internet and round-the-clock technical support via email.