Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker 1.5 Awaits Beta-testing!

08 May
Product News

Kaspersky Lab announces the release of the beta version for Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker 1.5 and invites all interested parties to take part in beta testing. Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker 1.5 is a personal firewall designed to ensure full-scale protection for Windows based systems against all the latest forms of hacker attack and spyware. The multi-level control of all network operations such as the tracking of all activities performed by Internet applications and the filtering of all incoming and outgoing data packets, also enables Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker to provide full confidence in all data stored on protected computers. The new program version has a significantly improved user interface that displays its graphic elements in the style of Windows XP. Version 1.5 has been made much easier to use by simplifying the initial program setup, now the most commonly used applications are by default made network active according to file type. Additionally, users can set port ranges for packet and application filtering rules, which allows one rule to be set for an entire range of potentially dangerous IP addresses. The program is also able to detect new types of network attack such as SmbDie and Helkern and now supports ADSL modems. Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker 1.5 has improved network stealth option. The full reliability of these functions is confirmed by tests conducted by the independent Internet research center PC Flank. When this mode is activated a user's PC blocks all network requests coming from the outside except for those that are specifically permitted. Thus, a protected PC becomes invisible to all other network users while the user of the protected PC still has full view of and access to the entire network. To get more information about the terms and procedures for participation, please visit the beta testing section at the Kaspersky Lab' site by visiting http://www.kaspersky.com/beta.html. The most active participants will be rewarded with free commercial versions of the program upon its market release.