Kaspersky Lab' latest Checkmark certification

02 Dec
Product News

Once again, Kaspersky® Anti-Virus tests successfully. Kaspersky Lab, a leading information security software developer, announces the extension of its Checkmark certification for Kaspersky® Anti-Virus. Checkmark certification attests to the fact that software and hardware security systems meet stringent quality standards. The independent test laboratory of West Coast Labs, a British scientific research centre, determines criteria and carries out testing. West Coast Labs currently tests anti-virus programs on three levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Trojan Checkmark. Successful completion of Level 1 means that the product detects 100% of computer viruses registered by the independent international organization "Wildlist". Level 2 certification confirms 100% success in treating "Wildlist" viruses; the product is able to restore the original contents and operating capability of infected files and boot sectors. Trojan Checkmark, the final stage, indicates that the program is capable of discovering any Trojan program in West Coast Labs collection. Kaspersky Anti-Virus has once again successfully passed all three stages, and received extended certification. A full list of Kaspersky Lab certificates can be viewed here.