Kaspersky Lab Strengthens Its Anti-Spam Weapon

24 Sep
Product News

Introducing the new version of Kaspersky® Anti-Spam Kaspersky Lab, a leading information security expert, announces the commercial release of the new version of its popular software designed to defend against undesired email correspondence - Kaspersky® Anti-Spam 1.5. Kaspersky® Anti-Spam is a powerful spam countermeasure employing a multi-level email filtration system. The unmatched technology used to linguistically analyse email messages makes it possible to analyse message text, to determine its sense, and to eliminate undesired messages. Kaspersky® Anti-Spam users are assured daily updates to the lexical signature database that is developed by a full-time team of professional linguists. Continuous database updates keep mailboxes off limits to even the latest spam. Additionally, an integrated administration module provides a Web interface from which system administrators can conveniently change system parameters from any point within a network. The newest version of Kaspersky® Anti-Spam includes a wide range of technical improvements that considerably enhance its effectiveness. Version 1.5 has innovative technology making it possible to identify spammer tricks such as the insertion of random sequences of symbols in message titles and body texts, and the inclusion of graphic elements. The upgraded version of Kaspersky® Anti-Spam works significantly better with messages presented in various types of code. Additionally, the product's filtration module and general fault-tolerance is now appreciably more stable. The integration of new Kaspersky Lab performance technology enables the mail traffic filtration speed to be over four times faster than that of its predecessor. Increased compatibility now adds Postfix 2.x to the list of supported mail servers.