Kaspersky® Security for PDA - A New Level Of Protection For Handheld Computers

04 Mar
Product News

Kaspersky Lab announces the release of the commercial version of Kaspersky® Security for PDA 4.5. The new version ensures the full-scale defense of handheld computers running under the most popular operating systems - Windows CE and Palm OS, and is available in the Kaspersky Lab online store.

Kaspersky Security for PDA is a unique solution providing the complete defense of information on handheld computers. The software includes an optimal collection of anti-virus measures, a two-tiered system that controls access to data (system passwords and data encryption) as well as a convenient management console that enables the automatic retrieval and processing of anti-virus database updates via the Internet any time the PDA is connected with a PC.

Kaspersky Security for PDA guarantees control over all sources of potential virus penetration. Both a scanner and a monitor module handle anti-virus filtration. The scanner checks information stored on a handheld, including expansion cards of any type, ROM files, databases, and network folders, while the monitor, in real time, detects and neutralizes malicious programs found in data, transferred when using the HotSyncTM utility or when data is beamed from other portable devices.

Kaspersky Security for PDA also protects against unauthorized access to information by employing a password system based on the powerful cryptographic function MD-5 HASH. Additionally, the software enables the encoding of any data types found on either a handheld computer itself or on any expansion cards. Encoding is accomplished "on-the-fly", the program encodes data the moment it is saved and decodes it each time it is accessed. In this way all information in memory is kept only in an encoded format and eliminates the possibility of stealing data by bypassing the password system. Personal data assistants running Windows CE can create special folders whose contents are encoded "on-the-fly" with the ultra secure RC5 and RC6 algorithms. Access to these folders is also governed by a password system.

You can obtain Kaspersky Security for PDA in the Kaspersky Lab online store.