Just Say No To Spam!

13 Feb
Product News

Kaspersky® Anti-Spam a new approach in the battle against spam. Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software developer, announces the release of Kaspersky Anti-Spam - an anti-spam solution designed to protect against unwanted email messages ("spam"). The product employs a revolutionary technology that linguistically analyzes text, state-of-the-art email filtration and a unique collection of services that allow users to weed out and destroy up to 95% of all unwanted mail traffic. According to the latest data, on average, spam comprises between 15% ad 20% of all Internet mail traffic. The biggest sufferers from the spam epidemic are companies and individual users who rely heavily on the Internet to conduct their business - often the sheer volume of obtrusive advertisements and other unwanted correspondence in their mailboxes surpasses the amount of useful information. Spam already has stopped being just a simple issue regarding wasted work time, but has evolved into a massive global problem that threatens the normal functioning of the Internet itself. If current trends continue, by 2005 every second message in our virtual mailboxes will contain spam. Kaspersky Anti-Spam is a highly effective system targeted toward battling undesirable email correspondence plaguing small and medium size organizations. It is created based on an 'intelligent' multilingual technology designed to identify spam. Todays market is full of different anti-spam products, however most of them are ineffective due to their use of standard filtering techniques that do not ensure an acceptable level of network defense. 'Our new product, jointly developed with the company 'Ashmanov and Partners', has an array of unique functions granting customers a new, exceptionally effective weapon against spam. Above all, linguistic heuristic analysis allows the program to detect the 'sense' of messages and with a high level of accuracy cut out spam. In addition, daily anti-spam database updates offer the most up-to-date information to battle the latest crop of unscrupulous spammers. Thanks to these features customers are able to dramatically curtail expenses and valuable work time wasted due to useless email traffic', commented Natalya Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab CEO. Kaspersky Anti-Spam is a filter installed at an organization's e-mail gateway that checks all incoming e-mail traffic for objects signifying "spam". The system filters may be installed on a dedicated server, or they may be integrated on the existing e-mail server. When installed separately, Kaspersky Anti-Spam operates as an e-mail relay, verifying messages before being processed by the e-mail server. This method offers the most compatible solution in terms of the existing network infrastructure. The second approach towards spam filtering implies Kaspersky Anti-Spam also functions as the main e-mail gateway. Kaspersky Anti-Spam achieves its effectiveness via a four-level, multi-lingual analysis of incoming mail correspondence with the ability to support the English, German, French Spanish and Russian languages. The first level checks message contents with a unique "intelligent" kernel called SpamTestTM, that by itself, can distinguish different types of spam from non-spam business correspondence. The second level employs a "signature" method that compares each message with existing templates contained in the daily database updates. The database contains examples of undesirable messages that make it possible to detect spam even if incoming messages differ from the original templates. The third method analyses messages for formal e-mail attributes. These formal characteristics include sender e-mail address, IP address etc. Finally, Kaspersky Anti-Spam employs a fourth method of "black lists", a standard means of filtration according to addresses recognized as notorious sources of spam that are included on continuously updated, public black lists. Each message checked receives a special mark according to the defined level of cleanliness of its semantic content. Spam is detected in accordance with processing rules and installation settings - it is possible to permit, delete, defer, alter or forward messages marked as spam. An important aspect setting apart Kaspersky Anti-Spam is its unique collection of services. Linguistic laboratory ensures daily updates of spam templates and formal attributes databases, in addition to the continuous development of new semantic methods and the construction of the "intelligent" detection kernel. As a result users, each day, receive an updated and improved defense, guaranteeing the highest possible level of detection for even the newest types of spam. Kaspersky Anti-Spam has a convenient remote installation and management utility using a Web interface. Using this utility, system administrators, from any point in a network, can quickly alter program parameters, establish rules for the automatic update of anti-spam databases or, in real time, add their own personal examples of unwanted messages. "Spam is an very complicated human / technical phenomenon having many sides. After one year of intensive development we now know almost all there is to know about spam, almost all, because new approaches or tricks and new strains of spam are continuously appearing. Since 1988 we have been working professionally with how computers process text and tried to insert in the 'linguistic engine' of this new product all that we know. As a result we got an effective, intelligent product that we are very proud of", said Igor Ashmanov, CEO of Ashmanov and Partners. "We consider spam to be a form of text virus that not one bit less than actual computer viruses disrupts the normal functioning of the Internet. In order to fight the forces threatening users and the Internet itself it is necessary to quickly react and to continuously update databases. Without doubt our thirteen years of experience creating anti-virus programs guarantee the high quality of Kaspersky Anti-Spam", added Natalya Kaspersky. Installing Kaspersky Anti-Spam is completely automated and includes the installation of the Postfix mail system. You can obtain Kaspersky Anti-Spam from the Kaspersky Lab Internet Store. About Kaspersky Lab
Today Kaspersky Lab is one of the world's leading developers of data-security software. The company's product spectrum includes anti-virus solutions, data integrity systems, software designed to protect handheld computers and email systems and most recently - personal firewalls and anti-spam systems. About Ashmanov and Partners
"Ashmanov and Partners" (www.ashmanov.com) is dedicated to the development of smart systems for the automated maintenance and analysis of text data. The company specializes in artificial intelligence, search engines and data processing automation.