Kill A Virus, Win A Bonus

25 Nov
Product News

Have fun buying! Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software developer, invites users to take part in a virtual battle against viruses and win discounts towards the purchase of Kaspersky Anti-Virus Solutions. The game "Virus Hunter" can be found on the Kaspersky Lab site at Playing this game makes it possible to combine the "pleasant" with the "practical" by earning discounts up to 25%. The game has 5 levels with increasing difficulty. Scoring enough points to graduate to each new level earns a player an increasingly greater discount.
Level 1 - 7% discount
Level 2 - 10% discount
Level 3 - 15% discount
Level 4 - 20% discount
Level 5 - 25% discount
Players need to earn scores for each corresponding discount within a defined time period. The object is to kill nasty viruses, with each virus killed earning some points. There are also bonuses to find on each level that will bring either additional points or some additional time. Once a player has won the first discount code he or she is then eligible to save this code (to be used towards purchases) and to continue to play, attempting to earn more valuable discount codes. Upon winning any of the discount codes, a player may apply it toward the purchase of any Kaspersky Lab software for Home or Linux Users in the Kaspersky Lab Internet-Store. Detailed terms for this game can be found on the company site. A network version of "Virus Hunter" will be available soon.