Kaspersky® Security for Pocket PC - Public Testing

12 Jul
Product News

Kaspersky Lab, an international data security software developer, announces the release of the second beta version for Kaspersky® Security for Pocket PC and invites all those interested to take part in the public testing of this product. Kaspersky® Security for Pocket PC - a special solution in the Kaspersky Lab product line that ensures complete protection for personal pocket computers running under the Windows CE operating system. The version provided for testing has the following functionality:
  • Control over access to information by using a reliable, system level password structure (the powerful cryptographic HASH function MD-5).
  • Data encoding via the RC4, XOR algorithms and RC6 is employed to prevent the possibility of circumventing the system password (for example, moving a protected memory chip to another Pocket PC device will still not grant access).
Kaspersky® Security for Pocket PC is compatible with all versions of the Pocket PC 2002/Windows CE operating system and may be used on the following devices: Casio E-115, E-125, EM-500, Compaq iPAQ 36xx, 37xx, 38xx, HP Jornada 56x etc. that use MIPS and StrongARM processors. Kaspersky Lab highly values user opinions and strives to meet the maximum number of your desires during product development. The test version already takes into account previous user remarks and includes a range of additional functions. We gladly invite all interested individuals and organizations associated with the public testing of Kaspersky® Security for Pocket PC. More active testing participants will be rewarded with special discounts toward Kaspersky Lab products. Additional information concerning testing procedures can be found here.