Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker - A New Weapon In The War Against Hackers

06 Dec
Product News

Kaspersky Lab broadens its line of information security products. Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software developer, announces the release of the fully functional personal firewall - Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker, designed to ensure the reliable defense of home computers against hacker attacks and to prevent unauthorized access to personal data. These days information technology has become an integral part of our daily activities. Millions of people the world over use information technology to carry out a myriad of tasks. However, despite the benefits of information automation there are also risks coming from a wide spectrum of external and internal threats, among which are malicious programs, the unauthorized outflow of private data, the loss of confidentiality etc. No less is the danger posed by hacker attacks via the Internet, the sheer volume and diversity of which can simply paralyze unprotected computers. "Computers have 65536 "doors" (ports), through which hackers can enter and gain access to confidential data", commented Denis Zenkin, Head of Corporate Communications at Kaspersky Lab, "To solve this problem we developed Kaspersky Anti-Hacker - a unique personal firewall guaranteeing maximum transparent access to the Internet, while providing 100% protection". Kaspersky Anti-Hacker is a filter operating between personal computers and the Internet that checks all incoming and outgoing data streams and permits only safe data and actions. In this way, the system, on one hand protects against hacker attacks from external networks and from the other regulates access of the Internet applications, thus preventing the unauthorized outflow of information even if the system becomes infected with the most advanced backdoor Trojan programs. Kaspersky Anti-Hacker gives users the ability to define filtration rules for each Internet application, data stream (TCP, UDP, ICMP among others), specific IP addresses, Web-addresses and ports. Users can choose from among five preset levels of protection, a feature especially convenient for beginner users, as well as to increase the number of rules according to individual security requirements. The program also has a 'self-learning' feature that allows users to interactively create a set of rules best corresponding with installed software. When setting new rules or modifying old ones all alterations accepted "on-the-fly", and thus do not require the system to be restarted. Important product feature - low-level data interceptor (on the network protocol level) that allows information filtration before processing by other applications. Destructive code targeted at specific programs or operating systems will be caught before gaining access and neutralized, thus letting programs and operating systems receive only safe data. This way Kaspersky Anti-Hacker provides 100% protection from the latest forms of hacker attack, including Ping Of Death attacks, Land-attacks, TCP and UDP port scanning and DoS attacks (SYN Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood). Integrated in the program is the unique SmartStealthTM technology that provides full control over computer ports. Thanks to this protection, systems become fully "invisible" to the outside. Therefore hackers simply cannot detect anything to attack, rendering all attempts to gain access doomed to failure. In addition, this technology helps to disallow all forms of DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. At the same time SmartStealthTM offers its robust protection, it produces no negative effects of any kind while users work on the Internet. The program guarantees the usual, transparent access to information. Kaspersky Anti-Hacker has an easy to understand graphical user interface that fits all user categories, from beginners to professionals. It produces detailed reports regarding the filtration of incoming and outgoing data streams, which may easily configured to suit a users individual requirements. All critical events are recorded in a special report and immediately sent to the person indicated to be the system's administrator or owner. Due to the product's highly effective buffering system, the programs operations are do not noticeably affect computer output in general nor slow down system applications. The unique functionality of Kaspersky Anti-Hacker is the result of Kaspersky Lab research in the area of information protection and hacker attacks and takes into account the most modern requirements for personal firewalls. The program combines in itself all the best features found in similar products and in doing so makes the protection of home computers even more reliable. "Kaspersky Anti-Hacker continues the Kaspersky Lab' policy of product diversification aimed at comprehensive information system protection", commented Natalya Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab, "By the end of 2002 we plan to launch a content filtration system designed to protect networks from spam. On the whole, this allows us to offer customers complete solutions to corporate information security problem". You can obtain Kaspersky Anti-Hacker from the Kaspersky Lab Internet store.