Kaspersky Lab Releases New Anti-virus Solution for MS Exchange Server 5.5/2000

11 Jun
Product News

Kaspersky Lab, an international anti-virus software developer, announces the release of a new version of its Kaspersky Anti-Virus software for MS Exchange Server. The software is a cross-platform solution designed for both MS Exchange Server 5.5 and 2000. Kaspersky Anti-Vvirus has proven itself as one of the most reliable solutions for mail servers; its technical leadership confirmed by independent tests conducted by popular computer industry media magazines and scientific research centers. The most fundamental and distinctive feature of the new version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for MS Exchange Server is its transparent support of MS Exchange 5.5/2000. The cross-platform nature economizes time and expenses as it combines in one solution two of the most popular mail systems. In addition the new version enjoys a wider set of functions. In particular the program allows for the setting of various tools for the checking of different document formats: archives, compressed files, mail databases and mail text files. Such tools include "memory check" - which hastens scanning as it checks objects held in RAM and to set attached file masks for those files which must be checked. The program also protects outgoing e-mails as well as shared folders for both MS Exchange versions. As in the previous version, Kaspersky Anti-virus for MS Exchange 5.5/2000 ensures full-scale checking of internal and external traffic and all objects stored on the mail server. When infected mail is detected the program can erase it, block or move it into the special "quarantine" folder or cure it, ensuring users receive only "clean" e-mail. Special functions allow the control of workstation outgoing mail - blocking it in case of virus infection and informing system administrators about the occurrence. For increased speed the program checks mail in several streams. Kaspersky Anti-virus for MS Exchange 5.5/2000 can be fully integrated into Microsoft Management as well as into the Network Management Center and Management Center, which allows it to be to be controlled from any network computer, even from computers with remote access, to centrally manage and change anti-virus settings, to schedule the work schedules of different components, to set program access rights and to automatically download upgrades of the anti-virus database via the Internet. Kaspersky Anti-virus for MS Exchange 5.5/2000 is available in the Kaspersky Lab Internet Shop. You can also purchase this product from official company partners.