Beta Testing Begins for Kaspersky® Security for PDA 4.0

21 Nov
Product News

Kaspersky Lab announces the launch of the beta version of Kaspersky Security for PDA 4.0 and invites all interested to take part in the public beta testing of this product. Kaspersky® Security for PDA is a protection system designed to defend hand-held computers of various types from computer viruses and unauthorised access. The software provides a complete approach to the process of virus filtration that also verifies all data storage locations, including expansion cards. Device access is managed by a reliable password system and data encoding data on the application level. The new version supports the Windows CE 2000 and Windows CE 2002 operating systems. Joining two previously existing components - Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Palm OS and Kaspersky Security for Palm OS - are two more: Kaspersky Security for Pocket PC and Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Pocket PC. Thus, the program is now completely compatible with hand-held computers running under not only Palm OS, but Pocket PC as well. Kaspersky® Security for PDA 4.0 makes it possible to create and work with cryptographically secured folders on the Pocket PC, to alter and set password access, to scan files and databases for objects containing viruses and to remove infected objects and copy them to a special "Infected" catalog. To become familiar with the terms and procedures for taking part in beta testing please visit the Kaspersky Lab web site here. The more active beta-testing participants will be rewarded with fully functioning versions of the product.