Kaspersky® Anti-Virus vs. Script-Virus Generators

11 Mar
Product News

Cambridge, United Kingdom, March 12, 2001 - As it became known on March 9, a computer hacker going by the pseudonym of [K]alamar--who belongs to a cyber-hooligans group from Argentina and is known to be the author of the script-virus generator "Vbs Worms Generator", which was used to create the infamous "Kournikova" virus--has released a new version of his program. Kaspersky Lab immediately responded to the discovered threat and already has integrated a new universal anti-virus module into Kaspersky Anti-Virus that is able to protect users from known and even future viruses that could be created with this virus construction kit.

"During the past few years, we have seen that an unprecedented growth of malicious code has been accompanied by the degradation of virus writers' skills. Today, to create a virus, one needs no special programming knowledge - to do so, he only needs to learn how to start up a computer and understand basic commands to manage a virus construction kit." Said Denis Zenkin, Head of Corporate Communications for Kaspersky Lab.

The latest incidents with the "Kournikova" virus and the numerous modifications of the "ILOVEYOU" and "Melissa" viruses confirm the real threat posed by malicious code created with virus generators resulting in thousands of reports about infections around the world. Taking into account the modern trends in the virus development field, Kaspersky Lab considers it necessary to emphasize providing its customers with advanced protection against this particular type of malware. It is no longer sufficient just to add a virus signature to an anti-virus software database after the actual virus has been discovered. In this case there will always be even the smallest period of time when a user is vulnerable against newly discovered viruses that threaten to destroy the results of many years of hard work. "At Kaspersky Lab we strive to have our data-security software always one step ahead of virus creation technology. In this way, we are able to protect our customers against malicious code that has not yet been discovered," said Eugene Kaspersky, Head of Anti-Virus Research.

In addition to the world's number one technology (the second generation heuristic code analysis that provides up to 92% efficiency protection against unknown viruses), Kaspersky Lab has developed a unique algorithm of neutralizing viruses created using virus construction kits. It guarantees 100% protection against any viruses that may be produced using "Vbs Worms Generator" and many similar tools.

The wide diversity and availability of virus construction kits involves more and more new people, mostly pupils and students, in the computer criminal world. Many of these people usually get used to this specific activity, becoming professional cyber-terrorists. As a matter of fact, the public's inactivity stimulates cyber-crime, and in the long view can compromise the effective functioning of the world's computer security system. Therefore, Kaspersky Lab appeals to the public to strengthen its fight against virus construction kits and their creators.

To activate the universal anti-virus module for protection against the virus construction kit "Vbs Worms Generator", Kaspersky Anti-Virus users only need to download the current anti-virus database update.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus can be purchased in the Kaspersky Lab online store or from a worldwide network of Kaspersky Anti-Virus distributors and resellers.