Kaspersky Lab Int. launches the world's first anti-virus for Qmail e-mail gateways

27 Apr
Product News

Cambridge, UK, April 28, 2000 - Kaspersky Lab Int., a fast-growing international anti-virus software development company, announces the release of AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) (beta-version) for Qmail gateways operating under Linux and FreeBSD.

AVP for Qmail is the world's first anti-virus defence system for centralised protection of e-mail servers running Qmail. The program provides anti-virus filtering capabilities for both internal and external (incoming and outgoing) e-mail correspondence passing through the mail gateway. It constantly checks messages for all types of malicious code including computer viruses, Internet worms, Trojan Horses, dangerous Java applets etc. AVP for Qmail protects a corporate network on a server level, i.e. before a dangerous message reaches a target workstation or e-mail box.

If malicious codeis detected in the message body, nested messages or attachments AVP for Qmail will effectively delete it without damaging the original functionality or content. According to previously specified settings the program is capable of isolating infected and suspicious objects (quarantine feature) and sending notifications to a network administrator, sender or recipient of the message.

"Nowadays e-mail is the main source of computer malware. This is why development of anti-virus software for e-mail gateways to provide centralised protection of corporate networks is currently our top priority. We have already developed anti-virus solutions for MS Exchange Serverand Sendmail (Linux/FreeBSD). In autumn we will introduce AVP for Lotus Notes and later for Novell GroupWise," said Michael Kalinichenko, Technical Director at Kaspersky Lab. "Qmail is one of the world's topline e-mail software because of its extremely high performance, ease of installation, configuring and use, reliability and fault tolerance. The growing popularity of Qmail in the corporate market makes the development of Qmail-oriented anti-virus software crucial. We are delighted to be the first in this field".