Kaspersky Lab Int. announces beta-version of AVP for Sendmail

28 Mar
Product News

Cambridge, UK, March 29, 2000 - Kaspersky Lab Int., an international anti-virus software vendor, announces the release of a beta version of AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) for Sendmail e-mail gateways operating under Linux for Intel platform.

AVP for Sendmail is an advanced anti-virus filtration system for e-mail correspondence, transmitted through Sendmail mail server. The program provides centralised protection against all types of malicious code including computer viruses, Trojan horses, Internet worms, dangerous Java applets etc. It allows "on-the-fly" virus detection and removal from the e-mail message body as well as from attached files. AVP for Sendmail protects a corporate network on a server level, i.e. before a dangerous message reaches a target workstation.

The program features a flexible configuration allowing the user to specify different e-mail traffic flows to be filtered: internal, external or both. AVP for Sendmail has a special lockdown option for quarantining infected and suspicious messages and files. In case a virus attack is detected AVP will send notifications to a system administrator on a specified address and to both the sender and recipient of the message.

"Sendmail is one of the most popular and reliable e-mail gateways for Linux and Unix operating systems. However, nowadays e-mail is the main source of computer virus proliferation. This is why installation of anti-virus software is a must for every e-mail server. This is why Kaspersky Lab developed the world's first comprehensive anti-virus protection for Sendmail gateways, operating under Linux for Intel platform. We strongly believe that the usage of AVP for Sendmail will eliminate the possibility of penetration of computer malware into the corporate networks via e-mail," - said Mikhail Kalinichenko, Kaspersky Lab's Technical Director.

In the future Kaspersky Lab is planning to adapt AVP for Sendmail, for other Unix-family platforms, primarily to FreeBSD. Future developments to the AVP product will include: developing a remote administration utility for control of AVP from a remote console; elaboration of a flexible installation program and a special user-sensitive content filtration system. Kaspersky Lab will continue the integration of AVP with other Unix/Linux e-mail gateways: Qmail, Postfix, Communigate Pro and others.