Kaspersky Lab Int. announces a new version of AVP Inspector

26 Apr
Product News

Cambridge, UK, April 27, 2000 - Kaspersky Lab Int., a fast-growing international anti-virus software development company, announces the release of a new improved version of its unique anti-virus product AVP Inspector, which is based on principles of an integrity checker.

AVP Inspector (version 2.14) is an ideal tool to track and fix all unauthorised changes in files and boot sectors on local and network drives. The program's operating mode is based on the collection of original "prints" (CRC-values) of files, boot sectors and system registry. These "prints" are stored in the database. When started up anew, the integrity checker compares information from its database with the current "prints" and informs the user of any changes that have occurred. Thus, unlike commonly used anti-virus scanners, which detect viruses by their unique program code (virus signature), AVP Inspector identifies them by the changes they make in files and boot sectors. If any suspicious changes have been found (virus like changes) the program will alert the user and restore the original content of the infected object. "This method of anti-virus protection provides many advantages when compared to ordinary anti-virus software," comments Michael Kalinichenko, Technical Director at Kaspersky Lab, "AVP Inspector does not require constant updating, because it does not use a virus signature database. The program is user friendly and requires very few system resources. Finally, AVP Inspector achieves the industry's highest accuracy in restoring the original content of the infected files and boot sectors."

AVP Inspector has some unique features to combat certain types of computer viruses. It accesses the disks directly via the driver of IOS (Input-Output Supervisor). This allows the program to successfully detect and neutralise even the most dangerous stealth viruses.

AVP Inspector supports all basic file systems, which are used by Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000. It also can be used for operating with compressed drives and files.

The new version of AVP Inspector includes support for executable files format (ELF) of Linux operating system to combat against Linux specific viruses. It also supports other commonly infected formats such as PE EXE (Win32), NE EXE (Win16), MZ EXE (DOS), SYS, COM, OLE2 (files used by Word, Excel and Access).Additionally, AVP Inspector is now powered by new and extended capabilities to fight against Trojan Horse programs: it tracks and reports all suspicious changes in Windows system registry. No other integrity checker is able to do this.

"Today more new viruses are being created that ever before. Every day we process up to a hundred of new viruses sent to us from all over the world. Therefore it is crucial to build an extremely effective anti-virus defence for your PCs. The main rule for this is to combine several methods of protection against viruses. Kaspersky Lab is the only anti-virus development company offering you all the most advanced types of anti-virus software: scanners, monitors, behaviour blockers and, finally, integrity checkers. Using them simultaneously you will give your computer or network the best protection possible," stated Eugene Kaspersky, Head of anti-virus research at Kaspersky Lab.