AVP for MS Office 2000

22 Dec
Product News

A comprehensive integrated anti-virus defence system for MS Office applications

Cambridge, UK, December 23, 1999 - Kaspersky Lab Int., an international anti-virus software vendor, announces the release of AVP for Microsoft Office 2000 - a comprehensive, fully-integrated anti-virus defence system for Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook. This brand-new anti-virus package consists of 4 functional modules.

AVP Plug-in for Microsoft Office 2000 is an integrated plug-in module, which checks for macro-viruses all Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint documents being opened. If a virus is detected the alert message will pop-up, asking a user whether to remove virus or not. This "on-the-fly" intercepting sequence is the most convenient and useful: on the one hand it is no longer necessary to perform virus search in all documents manually; on the other hand AVP for Office 2000 requires much less system resources than any TSR anti-virus monitor. The new anti-virus program is extremely easy to install and use, it does not require any special technical support, it stays resident without disturbing users about trifles.

AVP Mail Checker is an integrated background anti-virus module for MS Outlook It constantly filters incoming and outgoing e-mail correspondence and provides the highest level of virus detection and removal from e-mail messages and attached files. The program performs virus check while the message has been received, sent and read. This feature protects you even from the most dangerous BubbleBoy-style computer viruses.

In case an infected e-mail message has been detected AVP Mail Checker can neutralise a virus inside the message body or attached file, redirect the message on a specified address (quarantine function), notify a sender that a virus has been sent from his computer, insert a configurable text string into checked messages. All these options can be configured by a user.

AVP Office Guard is a breakthrough technology for protection against macro-viruses and macro-trojans.

AVP Office Guard is aimed at experienced users. It features a brand-new approach for anti-virus protection based on principles of behaviour blocker. Unlike commonly used "classical" method of anti-virus protection featuring a simple pattern-sensitive context search, AVP Office Guard handles a problem in a more complex way. It simply closes out macro-virus's chance for operating on a protected system. AVP Office Guard detects macro-viruses not by a certain external indicators (i.e. a sequence of characters), but by their behaviour defined by capabilities of VBA (Visual Basic for Application) programming language, which is used for creating of this kind of viruses.

In result AVP Office Guard will automatically block all even previously unknown macro-viruses or macro-trojans. This means that the most dangerous time-period between the discovery of a virus and release of a correspondent update of anti-virus database while a user stays unprotected. Once installed AVP Office Guard will provide you with the unbeatable anti-virus defence until a new version of VBA programming language with new implemented capabilities for virus creating is released.

Kaspersky Lab's top anti-virus experts have developed a brand-new protection for virus attacks against AVP Office Guard itself. Unlike native MS Office 2000 anti-virus defence it makes impossible to switch off AVP Office Guard without a user's interference.

AVP Control Centre - is an advanced integrated management system, which includes a flexible and easy to use personal events scheduler and a very convenient tool for real-time updating of your local anti-virus database via the Internet.

All AVP for MS Office 2000 functional modules require a single shared AVP anti-virus database. AVP for MS Office 2000 users are provided with a personal round-the-clock technical support and continuous (during subscription time) customer service including free weekly and emergency updates and program upgrades.