AVP for MS Exchange Server

25 Nov
Product News

It's time for safe e-mailing

Cambridge, UK, November 26, 1999 - Kaspersky Lab Int., a fast-growing, international, anti-virus software development company, announced the release of AVP for mail servers, operating under MS Exchange Server.

AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) for MS Exchange Server provides centralised filtering of all internal and external correspondence. The program clears out all e-mail messages from computer viruses and malicious code of all types before they reach the local workstations. In case of discovering of a virus in a message body, AVP allows to neutralise it, resend the message to a specified address ("quarantine" option), attach to the message a virus warning. The program provides a flexible notification structure about all virus attacks, which is very useful for a system administrator.

Nowadays e-mail is the main computer virus propagation source. According to the International Computer Security Association (ICSA) about 60% of virus infections are occurred exactly through e-mail. In this context the problem of a reliable protection of a corporate network against malicious code spreading via e-mail has become an everyday headache. For stand-alone computers Kaspersky Lab solved this problem a long time ago - "on-the-fly" virus interceptor AVP Monitor provides anti-virus filtering of all e-mail messages, attached files and local mail databases. However, in many cases a system administrator can not track the promptitude and accuracy of loading of the interceptor. AVP for MS Exchange Server solves this problem on a centralised level.

"Considering the growing threat of the computer viruses through e-mail we place an emphasis on developing the reliable anti-virus protection systems for mail servers. In the Company's nearest plans - anti-viruses for Lotus Notes and Group Wise as well as anti-virus plug-ins for MAPI-clients (Exchange Workstation, Outlook etc.)" - said Kaspersky Lab's Technical director Mikhail Kalinichenko.