30% of companies worldwide don’t use client management tools

24 Apr 2013
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According to the results of research conducted by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab in November 2012, 30% of companies worldwide don’t use modern automated client management tools. In other words, a large number of companies still inventory software and hardware, manage software licenses, and update operating systems and applications without the help of dedicated solutions that can greatly simplify and accelerate these operations.

The need to automate specific areas of IT infrastructure operations, like the need to protect against cyber-threats, does not appear to be that obvious for many companies. This may be why 30% of companies globally don’t use modern client management tools and 14% of these do not plan to do so in the future. But when implemented, these tools can make a significant contribution to a company’s security and, as well as reducing IT-related workloads and expenses.

For example, being able to remotely install an operating system within a local network saves IT specialists from having to physically go to each of the company’s workstations. But this facility is utilized by only 42% of those companies that have already implemented client management tools. Only half the companies that do use client management tools have automated their software installation process, while 51% have automated their tracking systems for corporate hardware, applications and software licenses. And the automated installation of updates, used by only 35%, considerably reinforces workstation protection against ‘exploits’ – malicious programs that use vulnerabilities in the OS and other software to infect the system.

Kaspersky Lab Systems Management

A high-quality client management solution should help the company’s IT department track and eliminate software vulnerabilities, conduct an inventory of corporate hardware and software, install applications and operating systems remotely and assign access rights to local network resources. Kaspersky Systems Management, included in Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business providing flexible, offers all these functions, providing reliable protection for a company’s IT infrastructure. Key benefits of Kaspersky Systems Management include broad automation capabilities for all featured processes and centralized management tools giving control over tasks performed on every corporate workstation.

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