Kaspersky Lab’s Whitelist database surpasses the 500 million unique files mark

07 Sep 2012
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The size of the Whitelist database has doubled in just one year, providing even better security for businesses and consumers

Kaspersky Lab announces that its Whitelist database, containing information about legitimate programs, has surpassed the 500 million unique files mark. The database is actively used in Kaspersky Lab’s consumer and corporate products to provide better security and efficiency for customers and is dynamically updated to keep track of new programs. The identification and classification of legitimate software helps to minimize the risk of false positive detections and provides an effective yet simple way for businesses to enforce security policies, by implementing functionality such as Application Control and a Default Deny scenario. The Whitelist database keeps growing at the rate of 1 million new files per day.

The superiority of Kaspersky Lab’s whitelisting technology has already been confirmed in the first industry tests, performed by the reputable West Coast Labs testing institution. An analysis conducted by West Coast Labs in December 2011 demonstrated that Kaspersky Lab’s Whitelist database provided accurate information about 93% of all consumer software and 94% of corporate software. Subsequent testing of Application Control and Default Deny has also demonstrated Kaspersky Lab’s leadership in this field. Software in the database is automatically assigned to one of the 96 different categories (such as Games, Browsers, Multimedia, etc.) which allows businesses to deploy flexible security policies for their employees.

Kaspersky Lab has partnerships with over 200 software vendors, including the likes of Cisco, Citrix, and Intel. Cooperation on this scale, together with the use of the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network, provides quick, timely updates of the Whitelist database, minimizing the risk that legitimate software might be falsely flagged as dangerous. Paul-Andre Fountain, Partner Relationship Program Manager at HP commented: “We regularly have to deal with user complaints about our software being erroneously detected as malicious by some security solutions. Such mistakes affect our reputation, and that is why cooperation with security vendors is important. The Kaspersky Whitelist program helps us to eliminate such incidents. We have been in partnership with Kaspersky Lab for over two years now and in that time we haven’t recorded a single incident of this kind with their security products.”

“We are confident that whitelisting is the future of IT security. This technology is a basis for a new and efficient Default Deny scenario that prohibits the use of all programs, except known legitimate ones. With industry-leading anti-malware protection, Kaspersky Lab’s flagship security solution for businesses – Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows – provides unmatched protection for corporate data,” commented Andrey Efremov, Director of Whitelisting and Cloud Infrastructure Research, Kaspersky Lab.

More details about Kaspersky Lab’s Whitelist approach can be found at the dedicated website: http://whitelist.kaspersky.com/

Information about Kaspersky Lab’s corporate security solutions can be found at: http://www.kaspersky.com/beready

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