Kaspersky Lab Enhances Mobile Security for Kids with New Beta Apps for Both Android and iOS Devices

28 Feb 2012
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Kaspersky Lab announces the beta testing of two new mobile applications designed both to protect children from harmfuland inappropriate content on the web, and control usage of applications on their smartphones and tablets. Kaspersky Parental Control will be available for smartphones and tablets based on the Android platform, and also will become the first product from Kaspersky Lab to protect iOS-based devices, such as the Apple iPhone and iPad.

With today’s high rate of smart-device adoption, the problem of preventing kids’ access to inappropriate material becomes ever more pertinent. Kaspersky Parental Control provides concerned parents with a set of tools to ensurea safe online experience for their children. Due to differences betweenAndroidand iOS, the corresponding solutions will vary in functionality.

Kaspersky Parental Controlfor Android-based Devices

The beta version of Kaspersky Parental Control provides a set of tools to prohibit children from visiting unsuitable or potentially harmful websites. The solution allows to set specific categories of websites to be restricted, such as adultwebsites, those with content related to drugs or violence, etc. Potentially malicious resources such as phishing websites or those distributing content harmfulto devices areblocked automatically. Besides, Kaspersky Parental Controlpermitseither allowing or restricting usage of certain applications installed on a device. The controls are protected by a password. The product is compatible with both Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Kaspersky Parental Control(SafeBrowser) for iOS

Kaspersky Parental Control for iOS-based devices includes a web browser (SafeBrowser), which can block harmful and inappropriatecontent on the web. After installing the product from App Store, parents are presented with detailed instructions on how to set up parental web controls and restrict usage of other applications (including alternative web browsers) using the standard iOS feature set. The product provides the same level of online security as the solution for Android, filtering websites based on their type and category, and blocking malicious websites using Kaspersky Lab’s cloud database.


Kaspersky Parental Control for Android-based devices is available immediately on Android Market. Kaspersky Parental Control (SafeBrowser) for iOS devices will be available in the App Store in March 2012. During the beta testing period the products will be free of charge.

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