The Anthony Nolan Trust selects Kaspersky Lab for protection from cybercrime

24 Feb 2009
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Kaspersky Lab has announced that The Anthony Nolan Trust is using Kaspersky Open Space Security to provide the very best levels of protection from cybercrime, for 200 remote and office-based users across England and Scotland.

The Anthony Nolan Trust provides life saving donors for people suffering from leukaemia who are in need of a bone marrow transplant. Kaspersky Open Space Security is implemented at the trust’s head office in North West London and another office in Scotland, delivering trans-perimeter protection for its entire IT infrastructure. It also provides endpoint protection, including firewall protection and intrusion detection for almost 200 users of networked workstations and laptops with remote secure VPN access.

Having a secure IT network is absolutely critical to the success of the ongoing achievements of the Charity. Head of IT at The Anthony Nolan Trust, Gary Banner explains: “A security breach has the potential to have a catastrophic impact on our work and therefore for the people we are trying to provide bone marrow to. It is safe to say that lives could be on the line.”

The specification and implementation of Kaspersky Open Space Security was driven by the need for the very best levels of protection against existing and future threats. Banner adds: “Kaspersky Open Space Security is straightforward to deploy, easy to use and update and the quality of service and support we receive is also of a high standard. Today we are confident that all reasonable steps have been taken to protect the Charity and our entire IT infrastructure can be used safely and securely, minimising the fear of a successful attack.”

“For many years I have been impressed by the small footprint of Kaspersky Lab software and its high levels of protection. It has also proved to be a highly cost-effective solution for the Charity and we have made significant savings, which is incredibly important as this enables us to spend more of our resources on supporting patients whose only chance of life is a bone marrow transplant.”

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