Eugene Kaspersky wins State Prize of the Russian Federation for Science and Technology

30 Apr 2009
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Kaspersky Lab announces that the company’s CEO and co-founder Eugene Kaspersky has won the State Prize of the Russian Federation for Science and Technology. The Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, will present the award in the Kremlin on 12th June, 2009.

The State Prize for Science and Technology is conferred annually to Russian citizens by the President of the Russian Federation. The prize recognises outstanding work, discoveries and achievements that enrich both Russian and world science and that make significant contributions to the advancement of science and technology. The Russian Federation State Prize is the highest Russian award conferred to individuals for services to society and the state.

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude to President Dmitry Medvedev for the great honour he has bestowed upon me, and to the team that has supported me over the 20 years I have devoted to IT security research," says Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab. "I am convinced that Russian science has enormous potential and is capable of making a huge impact on the world's hi-tech markets. I hope that the example set by our company will encourage the many talented researchers capable of contributing to Russia’s scientific renown and help cultivate a thriving hi-tech industry in the country."

Eugene Kaspersky graduated from the Institute of Cryptography, Telecommunications and Computer Science. He began studying computer viruses in 1989 after the Cascade virus was detected on his computer. From 1991 to 1997 Eugene worked at the KAMI Information Technologies Centre where he developed the AVP antivirus project with a group of associates (AVP was renamed Kaspersky Anti-Virus in November 2000). Eugene Kaspersky co-founded Kaspersky Lab in 1997, and in 2007 Eugene was named CEO of Kaspersky Lab. Today, Eugene Kaspersky is one of the world's leading antivirus experts with 20 years of experience in the field of information security. He regularly speaks at seminars and conferences all over the world and is the author of a number of articles and reviews covering topics related to computer virology.

Today, Kaspersky Lab is among the top five vendors of information security solutions in the world. The company’s products and technologies protect over 250 million people worldwide. The Kaspersky Lab group of companies is headquartered in Moscow, has five regional divisions and numerous local offices throughout the world, including its UK Headquarters in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

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