Natalya Kaspersky elected to board of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce

10 Apr 2008
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces the election of Natalya Kaspersky to the board of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, the biggest foreign business community in Russia. Natalya Kaspersky is one of two Russian business representatives on the Chamber’s board.

“Being elected a member of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce board is a great honor that comes with significant responsibilities. I hope I will be able to justify the faith placed in me and to render all possible assistance to strengthening trade and economic cooperation between our countries,” said Natalya Kaspersky, Chairman of Kaspersky Lab’s board of directors. “For the first time Russian business representatives have become board members of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce. This fact emphasizes a bilateral trend in the organization’s activity. The German market is strategically very important for the development of Russian exports, but unfortunately Russian companies are not actively using its potential. As a representative of a company that has been successfully working in Germany for some time, I will be pleased to use my experience to support Russian businesses entering the German market.”

The Russian-German Chamber of Commerce currently brings together 538 German and Russian companies. The main task of the board is to lobby the economic interests of both German and Russian companies in order to strengthen the dialogue between political and economic circles. The board’s other duties include planning the strategy and activities of the Chamber. The executive body of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce is made up of 15 people. Michael Harms of Deutsche Bank was elected Chairman.

The bilateral character of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce underlines the growing importance of Russia as a German business partner. As well as representing the interests of German companies in Russia, the Chamber renders support to Russian businesses entering the German market.

About Natalya Kaspersky

Natalya Kaspersky graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering in 1989 with a degree in applied mathematics. After graduating she worked as a research assistant at the Central Scientific Design Office. In 1994 Natalya started working at KAMI Information Technologies Center where she was involved in managing an antivirus project, or AVP (renamed Kaspersky Anti-Virus in 2000). Natalya co-founded Kaspersky Lab in 1997, and in the same year became the company's CEO. In 2007 Natalya was elected to the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors at Kaspersky Lab. From October 2007 she has also been the General Director of InfoWatch, an innovative company developing unique technologies to protect corporate information from internal threats. Today, Natalya Kaspersky is one of the most well-known and respected figures in Russia's Information Technology sector.

About Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab is an international group of companies with headquarters in Moscow and five regional offices around the world. Kaspersky Lab, Europe’s leading antivirus developer, is the fastest growing company in its field. A longstanding leader on the Russian antivirus market, the company is actively extending its presence abroad. For instance, Kaspersky Lab products are the most popular antivirus solutions among Germany’s home users.