Kaspersky Lab publishes a new article on cybercrime and IT security

18 Jan 2007
Press Releases

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, has released a new article in which Yury Mashevsky, a Kaspersky Lab virus analyst, discusses the conflict between cybercriminals and the IT security industry, businesses and law enforcement agencies.

The article looks at cybercrime over two decades, from adolescent experimentation and petty vandalism in the early days to today’s highly profitable criminal industry.

Yury Mashevsky provides specific examples that illustrate the various ways in which today’s malicious programs combat antivirus products and technologies. These include deleting security-related processes from the computer’s memory and hard drive, and the cybercriminals' search for new channels that can be used to distribute their malicious programs. Kaspersky Lab research data is used to demonstrate that the battle between antivirus developers and cybercriminals is becoming ever more cybercriminals are becoming increasingly active in combating antivirus developers.

One section of the article is devoted to the complex relationship between cybercriminals and the government, in which the latter more often falls victim to cybercrime than successfully combats it. The author looks examines why the present situation has arisen, and analyzes the effectiveness of steps taken by government agencies.

The author concludes by offering his view as to how efforts to combat cybercrime will be organized in the future. He also discusses what measures need to be taken by IT security companies, businesses and governments to make these efforts effective.

A complete version of the article is available on Viruslist.com, Kaspersky Lab’s analytical web resource.