Virus.Multi.Bi.a is not the first cross platform virus

24 Apr 2006
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Statement issued by Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab would like to clarify its position on the latest cross platform virus, following recent media interest.

Kaspersky Lab has not said that Virus.Multi.Bi.a. is the first cross platform virus, but clearly states in its analysis that it is the latest attempt to create malicious code capable of infecting both Linux and Win32 systems.

Eugene Kaspersky, Head of Antivirus Research at Kaspersky Lab, says:

“Kaspersky Lab clearly stated in its analysis that Virus.Multi.Bi.a was the latest attempt at cross platform infection. It is well-known that at least two viruses already exist that, like Bi, are capable of infecting both Windows and Linux operating systems. In fact, both viruses were detected and added to our databases several years ago. The viruses were given the names Virus.Multi.Pelf.2132 and Virus.Multi.Etapux. All three viruses are proof-of-concept malicious programs, written purely with the intention of demonstrating that such viruses are possible. None of these viruses actually had any practical application.

Because we greatly value the trust that our users place in us, and make every effort to ensure that we do not release misleading or ‘scaremongering’ information, we deliberately did not issue an alert to this new virus, but analyzed it in our online Analyst’s Diary at”

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