Kaspersky Lab presents Malware Evolution: April - June 2006

21 Jul 2006
Press Releases

Latest report presents an overview of malware trends in Q2

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces the publication of its latest quarterly report on malware evolution. The report, written by Alexander Gostev, Senior Virus Analyst at Kaspersky Lab, provides an overview of the development of malicious code between April and June 2006.

Alexander Gostev highlights the fact that this period was superficially calm, due to the absence of significant email and network worm epidemics combined with the release of new generation antivirus solutions. He also provides an overview of other significant security issues, such as virus writers exploiting vulnerabilities in MS Office, the evolution of RansomWare, polymorphic script viruses, new proof of concept malware, and security issues linked to Web 2.0.

The full version of the report is available on VirusList: Malware evolution: April-June 2006