Computers, Networks and Theft: the first part of a new article from Kaspersky Lab

20 Oct 2006
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions has released the first part of a new article entitled Computers, Networks and Theft, by Yury Mashevsky, a Kaspersky Lab virus analyst.

The Internet is becoming increasingly criminalized, with new malicious technologies being developed and used. Cybercrime has become a profitable business run by highly organized groups; although estimates vary as to the amount made, figures for 2005 range from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.

The first part of Computers, Networks and Thefts addresses attacks on individuals, while the second part will be dedicated to attacks on organizations. Yury Mashevsky explains that attacks on individual users target a variety of data, with attacks being conducted in a range of ways. For example, attackers may focus on stealing passwords to online financial services, to messaging programs, email accounts, Internet resources and online games (e.g. Legend of Mir, World of Warcraft). Such data can be stolen by using a variety of malicious programs, by social engineering, via phishing emails or bogus online stores. Personal information and confidential data can then be used by cybercriminals or sold on for considerable amounts of money.

The article also includes details of a relatively new type of cyber attack: extortion. Malicious programs such as Krotten and Gpcode encrypt user data or modify system parameters, and then demand that payment be made in return for data being restored to its original condition. It appears that this approach is becoming ever more popular among cybercriminals.

Yury Mashevsky concludes by giving a number of recommendations on how not to fall victim to cyber criminals. “If you don’t secure your property, no one will…forewarned is forearmed".

You can read the full version of the article by visiting: Computers, Networks and Theft: Part One.

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