Eugene Kaspersky at CeBIT 2011: "Safeguarding Mobile Devices Now More Important Than Ever"

10 Mar 2011
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, predicts that malware will continue to become ever more sophisticated and professional in nature, as the company demonstrated at CeBIT 2011. Mimicking the operations of conventional businesses, an entire underground industry has sprung up, with corporate structures and procedures comparable to the real thing– including partner events, marketing tools and forums. The focus is firmly on meeting customers’ needs. To add to this danger, mobile devices are increasingly being used to access the Internet, and make sensitive online banking transactions.

Moreover, the use of mobile devices is now an integral part of modern corporate communications. However, while users are quite aware of the threat that cyberspace poses to personal computers, this understanding of the risks is sadly lacking when it comes to mobile services, for example, less than a quarter of users in Europe feel insecure when using Internet banking. This statistic resulted from a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab in which more than 1,600 mobile device users were asked to evaluate the likelihood of infection when surfing the Internet.

Yet the risks are increasing all the time. The amount of mobile malware has more than doubled in the last two years alone, and in January 2011, Kaspersky Lab recorded 154 different mobile malware families with 1,046 strains, two percent of which are already targeting Android.

Kaspersky Lab believes that attacks on mobile users are set to increase and according to Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, mobile devices make attractive targets for cybercriminals because many more mobile services similar to those offered to desktop computer users are set to appear in the near future . This is why the Kaspersky Lab leader believes that mobile devices and conventional computers will both face the same risks before too long.

"In the years to come, our digital lives will centre more strongly around the use of mobile devices – whether we are working, watching videos, participating in social networks or enjoying a spot of online shopping" says Eugene Kaspersky. "In our professional lives, however, we will be using both mobile services as well as conventional computer technologies. The cybercrime scene will adapt to these changes and focus its attacks on both the home and the corporate Internet user."

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