Kaspersky Lab will give six presentations at the VB 2010 Conference

23 Sep 2010
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, will be participating in the 20th Virus Bulletin International Conference on IT Security that will take place between 29 September and 01 October, 2010, in Vancouver, Canada. This year the Company's experts will give between six and eight presentations, a record number for Kaspersky Lab at this event.

One of the key presentations at the VB Conference will be ‘Unraveling Stuxnet' by Alexander Gostev, Chief Security Expert at Kaspersky Lab. Along with representatives from the Microsoft Corporation, Alexander will be presenting the latest information about Stuxnet infection scenarios and will provide a narrative of the two companies' successful joint effort to combat it. Stuxnet is a notorious worm which was designed as an industrial espionage tool and is famous for its technical complexity and heavily usage of critical Windows vulnerabilities.

Other presentations by Kaspersky Lab at the VB 2010 Conference will include ‘How much do you cost? The black market price of your digital data' by Dmitry Bestuzhev, Senior Regional Researcher, Latin America, Global Research & Analysis Team. Dmitry will show how the cybercriminals get their hands on such confidential data, how they make and launder money, how this can be prevented and what steps antivirus vendors are taking to combat this threat. The presentation ‘Automated Targeted Attacks: The New Age of Cybercrime' by Stefan Tanase, Senior Security Researcher, EEMEA, Global Research & Analysis Team, will look at what new and effective security strategies can be implemented in the industry to fight such attacks.

‘Russian cybercriminals on the move: Profiting from mobile malware' will examine the mobile malware most commonly used by Russian cybercriminals. Its author, Denis Maslennikov, Senior Malware Analyst and Mobile Research Group Manager, will explain how those people profit from such illegal activities. ‘The Age of Russian Trojan-Ransoms' by Timur Biyachuev, Project Manager for Anti-Malware Research and Alexey Malyshev, Senior Virus Analyst, will look at all aspects of this 'Russian phenomenon', including: the capabilities of the cybercriminals' organizations, shutting the cybercriminals' schemes down and prosecuting the offenders and the level of available antimalware protection.

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